Monday, April 25, 2011

New iPhone App

Learn the colors for free with our new iPhone app. Yes, I said "for free". We have dipped our feet into the cut throat business of the smart phone apps. Crazy, yes we know.

Anyway, here is the first app. It will help you learn the colors. You can get it for free here or search for "Fun English" on the appstore.

We were on the iTunes "Whats New and Noteworthy" area. So you can be assured that it is noteworthy. In fact it is much more than noteworthy it's amazing!

Please give us a rating. Any rating over 4 is good. Like 5. Reviews are great too as we will be able to hear what people like, and like even more, so we can make changes for the next apps we make.

I hear that the next one will be about 'numbers'. Who doesn't like numbers!

Get the app now.