Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Very Big Number.

About one year ago we made the decision to make a youtube channel We added lots of our video content to give to the children, and the adults. We are now at the amazing point where we have had 1 million views of our videos. OK granted it is no Justin Bieber but for us it is a big deal.

One million hits. So who and why I ask myself. People from all over the world have been to our channel. I think it's best for our viewers to explain.

Thanks lots from me in London..I appreciate your work and how it helps us in our educating our kids..

God bless, Shine x

i'm from Brazil i'm learning at home a little time, and i liked this videos. thanks :D

Thank you for your lessons :) Your colorful/friendly images and simple language helped my Greek students who know some English to actually start "speaking" it. And your videos are fun :)

I love your channel! Thank you very much from an English teacher in Russia!

Thanks for that.

So Why?

Excellent channel! These videos are fantastic resources for parents and teachers-- thanks for uploading them!

Hi.Glad you liked our cartoon! I'm loving the Vegetaband!

Hello, What a great way to teach English! Very nice Channel. I love the videos. Much luck to you...keep up the great videos! Take care! MB:)

Hi Pumkin:) I love your account.I am planning to be an english teacher in the middle east inshaAllah. I found you account sooooo informative.

Thanks again.

Almost 80,000 channel views.
over 1,000,000 video views.
620 Subscribers.
We never imagined we would get so much of a response. We are so excited.

There will be new videos added all the time. We are also adding a new area for Karaoke English Learning Songs be sure to pop along and have a sing. It's OK nobody can hear you.

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