Sunday, November 28, 2010

Yellow Pencil and Orange Pumkin

While looking for other fun English teaching websites I came across this great one, The Yellow Pencil.

I asked the Yellow Pencil to tell me a bit about their site;

"The yellow pencil is a non profit site to teach Spanish speaking children English.
All the activities are made up of very simple grammar and easy vocab to introduce the students to the English language in an enjoyable way.
The grammar is explained in Spanish and the exercises are mainly translation worksheets to print or to do on line.

There are short videos to help with pronunciation and a karaoke pages with nursery rhymes to sing along.

I made The yellow pencil to use with my students and now is visited by Spanish speaking children all over the world Thanks to the magic of the Internet

Many of our users are from Spanish Speaking areas so I wanted to let them see this great site and all the goodies that it has to offer.

Grammar Page

Thanks again to the Yellow Pencil.
Gracias al lápiz amarillo



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