Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's Good To Talk and Chat

There was an old TV advert some time ago in the UK for British Telecom and the tag line was "It's good to talk". Bob Hoskins was in the adverts and I always liked them as I too love to talk.

On the occasion that you can not talk, it is also good to chat. Not the chin wagging type, (Chin Wag) but the online typing one. Chatting with friends online is very popular these days. It is a great way to get quick answers to questions rather than waiting for a reply to an email.

It is due to this need for swift information that we have added our Live Chat Service to our site. The idea is to allow people who are interested in our service to get swift answers to their questions.

The service is also available to users who are online and using the service. So if any questions crop up they can seek a quick response.

The service has been up for one day so far and we are keen to see if it is used by our customers and potential customers. So far we have just had a few people using it and some of them were people in the office trying to be funny. (Not me, honest)

Should you have any questions just talk to "Cindy" our online chat helper. If you are unlucky enough to get me at the other end, followers of this blog will know I am not the fastest typer in the world so be patient!

^^This is not me typing!


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