Thursday, June 24, 2010

Feedback feedback.

We have had a large amount of feedback on our site. Some of it has been good, some bad and some just strange. I think it is only fair to give this feedback some feedback.

I will begin with

The Good.

"The songs are simply great! My students love them! Congrats
on the awesome work! Lilian Marchesoni from Brazil"

- Thanks so much. We had a lot of fun making the songs and the videos for them.

My name is Julie Mejia. I am an American citizen who is
currently living outside of the United States. I have a 7
year old daughter whom I don't ant to forget her
English thus I am always looking online for different
websites in which she can use to practice. She thus far has
been able to keep up her speaking skills but of course do to
her studies here in Colombia being in Spanish is not yet
able to read or write in English. I am also an English
teacher at a private academy here in Colombia and I would
like to say that I think this website is simply amazing. I
do plan to sign up and hope that others like me find use of
your website.

- Wow. Thanks so much for that. It is always great for us to hear good feedback from teachers.

"I love it! Will do a sample lesson with my students and
recommend a site to them!"

- Great. We really hope they enjoy it!

"Yes, it is interesting and didatic."

Wonderful. Those are the two main things we are trying to achieve.

That is more than enough praise. Let's get to

The Bad

"The sound quality is not clear "

- Yes. We did have some sound quality issues in the earlier shows. The sound quality does get better though. Sorry.

"Searching ....searching ability is missing on this site "

- We have thought about introducing a search function to enable users to search by skill type, ie grammar, phonics, dialogues etc. We are still looking into how to implement this.

"I hate it because you have to pay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

- Sorry. We need to get some money for all this hard work so that we can continue. We have done lessons 1-10 there are still lessons 11-50 to do!

"I liked it. It is a pity I can not use it, since I do not
have either credit card or PayPal. "

- As is we have only these two payment methods. Perhaps you can ask someone with a credit card to pay for you (not me).

"It's in a UK accent. I need an US accent."

- In fact we use people from the UK, US, Australia, South Africa and even Canada in our content as we feel it is important to be able to understand English globally.

The Ugly

"hi there wat are u at" - Guest

- Erm...Hi there. We are at Taiwan.

"what about the french langauge"

- It is a great language that has had a large effect on English but it is still French and we are an Online English site. If we managed to finish our full course in English perhaps we will look to other languages, but I think Chinese would be before French in the line. Sorry.

"what can't we" - Guest

- Don't think like that! What can we!

"I feel funny"

- Me too. However, my friends tell me I'm not that funny at all.

"I think you are all our feature"

- OK, now you have really lost me.

"eggs milk" - Guest

- This is my favorite by far. Thanks.

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