Monday, May 31, 2010

Most Popular Videos?

As you may well know Pumkin have a YouTube channel where we have posted more than 100 free English teaching videos.

Every video is part of a lesson. There are 11 videos in each lesson. All of the lessons are split up into:
  • Vocabulary Introductions
  • Classroom Section
  • Animations
  • The Pumkin Show
  • Music Videos
I am always keen to see which elements of our shows people like the most. Now it's hard to be sure from our statistics but it is fun trying to work out why some videos seem more popular than others.

This video is the most popular one. It is the first one in lesson 1 and is an introduction to the members of the Pumkin family. I think that because it is the first one it gets lots of views, it has also been on the channel for the longest period of time.

This is a very popular one too. I have always said that I think the animations are the most interesting videos for children. This one is about classroom objects.

Here is another animation that has been viewed many times. It's about counting.

This video is from the Pumkin Show with Pippy and Carley. This introduces the question "Who are you?" and the response, "I am ........" in a dialogue with Professor Popalot.

We might have to wait a bit longer to really see which videos are the most popular but it's fun trying to guess which ones will be watched the most frequently.

My personal favorites are the music videos. So I will leave you with my favorite video.


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