Tuesday, May 18, 2010

English Signs 2

Asia is not the only place that provides funny signs with bad English. English speaking countries also manage to mess up their own language on a regular basis.

Look at this one. I hope it was not a teacher who wrote this.

What it should read.


Spelling = 0
Punctuation = 100
Grammar = 100
Sense = 0
Funny Factor = 95


  1. Hello, dan:

    I visited your website. What a cute and fun site! I will let my daughter take a look to see whether she is interested in learning English this way.

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  2. Hi, dan:

    I saw you already add my site to your blogroll. I will add your site to my site too. Thanks and keep in touch!


  3. No problem. I found your blog and added it on the strength of the content. I am pleased you can add us to you blogroll too.

  4. Marks should be zero. Spelling and grammar check is much necessary whatever language you speak it does not matter. correct a sentence