Monday, May 24, 2010

Follow Your Child's Learning

We have released new and exciting aspects to our online English learning experience. 'Daily Reports' and 'Calendar'. Both give parents or teachers a way to keep in touch with their children's or student's learning.


This page shows all the animals you have freed on each world. This is a page for month 1. You will also notice that I have been a very good student and have done all the lessons in month 1 and have freed all the trapped animals. Yeah!

Use the planets to the right to select the planet you want to look at. The planet on the left is the one you are viewing at the moment.

Each animal can be clicked to see the daily report for that lesson (see Daily Reports).
Around each animal are four icons. Top left is the day of the week. Top right shows a tick if the lesson has been completed. Bottom left is the number of stars achieved in this lesson. Bottom right is a link to download the worksheet for this lesson.

Just below each week is a target icon. This will show you the learning objectives for this week's lessons. The objectives are split into our five target areas of learning: vocabulary, sentences and grammar, phonics, typing and dialogues.

Daily Reports

The reports page lets you see an overview of what has been done on any given lesson.

The animal in the top left corner represents the current lesson. Clicking on the animal will take you to the location in the online world where this animal can be found. You can click the arrows to go to the next or previous lessons.

Each lesson is made up of many activities. The progress window will show you how many of that lesson's activities have been completed.

Worksheets can be downloaded for every lesson. Click the link to download this lesson's worksheet and you can then print it out. All worksheets have a questions section to check students have learnt what was taught in that lesson.

The answers to the lesson's worksheet are also on the daily reports page. Click on the answer card that matches the number on the worksheet to hear a native speaker say the answer. You can compare your student's pronunciation with that of a native speaker.


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