Friday, May 7, 2010

English Signs 1

In Taiwan there are many signs that are translated into English. This is very considerate of the Taiwanese people to attempt to explain things to the English speakers living in Taiwan.

While this is kind of people to try to explain things in English, we feel that some of the English used is far from accurate. Hence, this makes a recipe for some very funny signs.

Starting today we will introduce you to some signs we find that are a little wrong. We will try to correct them to their desired meaning. This is not always easy! We will also rate the signs on:

1 - Spelling
2 - Punctuation
3 - Grammar
4 - Sense
5 - Funny Factor

All scores will be out of 100.

So, on to our first sign. Found in a rest stop on the road from Tainan to Taipei.

What it should read.

'Children's hand basin.
Please refrain from leaning.'

Spelling = 100
Punctuation = 90
Grammar = 65
Sense = 50
Funny Factor = 82


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