Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pumkin's Free Learning Area

It has been interesting to get very positive initial feedback from users who have visited our free online English learning content so far. The most satisfying thing has been that this feedback has not just been from parents but also educators who search online for new English content. Here is one user quote that was left in our feedback box:

"I look forward to sharing this site with my students as well as their parents. THANK YOU for such a great product!!"

We have been delighted to hear comments like these: Here are the reasons why we think that our free online English learning area is so helpful to English teachers as well as parents:

1. Our material is organised so that it develops grammar and vocabulary along a logical progression. Whereas other sites simply group English games by type and do not provide a sense of logic, Pumkin Online English provides a thematic development to follow through key basic English concepts.

2. The content itself is professional: Pumkin Online English's free content is a small portion of what we sell to subscribers, so free users can benefit from the same quality product.

3. This system even extends to providing downloadable worksheet PDFs that teachers can then give students for homework.

You can see the materials for yourself in this area:

We feel that this offers a substantial benefit to teachers and parents looking for free English online learning content, and we'd be fascinated to receive further feedback or comments here about how people enjoy our online English learning materials.


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  4. I like learning languages and I tried various methods and courses- from learning in my own time,listening to mp3 online,buying books in bookstores--gosh so many products I checked-some of them worked for me fine ,some less.Recantly by accident I registered with this course -bought from them lesson pack,before I tried a sample free course and it worked for me.I'm learning and see progress.

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