Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pumkin Online English endorsed by online education

English education expert blogger 'An Online Educator' has referred to Pumkin Online English in his recent post about how leading educational theorists now appreciate the benefits of online learning. Here is an exerpt from his post:

According to Hubbard (1992) language software designers are often unaware of teacher/student instructional concerns. However, this has now changed. Services like Pumkin Online English, the BBC's, and English Media Lab have integrated cutting edge software with their educational material.

The blog post notes that since 2006, educational experts have begun to realize the power of systems like Pumkin Online English to deliver tailor made, effective and well constructed English language courses online for children:

If the answers to these questions are: I have a child between the ages of 3 and 10 who is a beginner English student. I prefer an experienced EFL teacher who is familiar with Asian language learning styles. I would like the English course to incorporate cutting edge cognitive psychological research. I believe that the online course should present the material in multiple contexts. I want my child to develop new learning strategies while still being able to use the strategies familiar to him or her, and my child should be at the center of the learning environment. If you answered the questionnaire as such, then is worthwhile to checkout.


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