Sunday, April 25, 2010


As a youth I never learned how to type. Now I really regret it. My hunt-n-peck technique is a slow and laborious method for inputting text, as well as making me the butt of many jokes in the office.
I do remember some computer classes at school, but I never remember being taught how to type. I do remember 10 = Print 'Dan is cool' 20= Go to 10.

That was some time ago. Now children seem to be much better on keyboards. However children need to be taught how to type.

"But the question of when a child should learn how to type still comes up over and over again. Research shows that before third grade or so children's hands aren't really big enough to stretch across the keyboard. Until then, it is fine for kids to use the "hunt and peck" approach to typing. Adults often find this painful to watch, but for short periods or the typing of a few sentences, it is actually good letter recognition practice." -

We have a lot of typing games on our English teaching website, some of them are timed. There is one about typing the colors. I seem to be unable to beat my rather poor record of 38.30 seconds.

Give it a try here. You can find it in our free content area.

Free Content Area

See if you are as swift as I am. See if your children can type faster than I can. If they can, don't tell me.

Our typing activities are fun and visually stimulating for kids while being tied into our structured course to reinforce the learning. We all know that when kids are having fun they learn better. If only I had these options as a school child.

"Typing is an essential skill, but it can be painful. Some children just don't know where the letters are," says Susan Mitchell, head of Giles Junior School, in Stevenage. "Typing a three-page story, when they have to spend minutes hunting for every letter, can take forever. Yet we tend to assume that children can type, partly because quite a lot of us know where quite a lot of the letters are, so we assume that children do, too." -


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