Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pumkin和 攜手合作

Pumkin和 攜手合作,帶給你我們新的線上英語學習。 現在有超過120個新的遊戲競賽,能讓你能贏得乓幣。可以在新的商店裡購買蒐集逗人喜愛的寵物,並且可以從寵物頁面看到你得到的寵物喔。
Pumkin and have combined to bring you the latest version of our online English service. There are now more than 120 new games where you can earn pum points. There is a new shop where you can buy cute pets to collect. As well as a pet page to look through your pets.

快去 取得寵物吧!
Go to to try it out.

Here are some pictures.

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