Monday, May 23, 2011

Fun English for iPad

Fun English for iPad

Fun English is now on the iPad. Yes, and it is still free.

Go and get it here

Here are some screen grabs. It does look a bit like the iPhone version only bigger.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Reviews for "Fun English" app

We have released our app into the wild.

Our "Fun English" app is now wild and free on the iTunes App Store. Some people have been kind enough to leave reviews about our app. It is always good to hear feedback from customers.

Here are a few of the reviews on the iTunes App store.

Fun! - ★★★★★

by Ms Noona - Version 1.01 - 24 April 2011

My 3yr old niece loved it! Amazing how well she's retained colour names. Thanks, much fun.

Love it ... And my toddler son does too! - ★★★★★

by Idiot99887 - Version 1.01 - 20 April 2011

This is a great app. Beautiful graphics, good interface, fun activities and lovely music. My son, who is 2, doesn't understand it all bit loves the balloon tapping and color poster activities. The other ones are still a bit too difficult but I have no doubt that if he keeps at it he'll learn those too. Way to go Pumkin looking forward to whats next!!

More like this please - ★★★★★

by J presto - Version 1.01 - 17 April 2011

I love this app, my students also love it.

I can't wait to get more fun English apps.

great app! - ★★★★★

by lllllooooovvvvveeeee gwg - Version 1.01 - 16 April 2011

really good for english learning and it's soooo cute =] love it!

Fun English - ★★★★★

by Asfarasitgoes - Version 1.01 - 09 April 2011

Great for kids! They practice English, have fun & I can drive car in peace.

I'm looking forward to more lessons from Pumkin for my kids.

Fun and effective - ★★★★★

by Chinese Mom - Version 1.01 - 27 April 2011

Bring a lot of interest into successful learning.

Nice - ★★★★★

by - Version 1.01 - 18 April 2011

簡單好玩:) 適合小學幼稚園英文初學者。

Fun and informative!! - ★★★★★

by Chrishell Blady - Version 1.01 - 27 April 2011

Love it! Love it! Games are super fun and keep you wanting more!!

Learning is easy as ABC!!!

Awesome!! - ★★★★★

by DevonB27 - Version 1.01 - 25 April 2011

Great app! Colors are vivid and bright! Games are fun yet simple!

Excellent! - ★★★★★

by Nicole in 117 - Version 1.01 - 13 April 2011

I love this app ~ smashing !

So Fun! - ★★★★★

by Tiddy155 - Version 1.01 - 11 April 2011

I love it! It's a great way to learn English!

Thanks to all these reviewers. Please keep them coming.

Get the app here. Fun English Free App

Please review us here.

Monday, May 2, 2011

What Appens Next?

Sorry. I know it is an awful title but I am unable to control my terrible puns.

As you will know our first iPhone app was released last week or so. Perhaps a few weeks ago. Who's keeping track? So the next question is... What is the next app going to teach.

Our first app was all about Colors, find it here, it's free!

So we are thinking of doing Numbers or The Alphabet or Animals or Food or my personal favorite - Subordinate or Dependent Clauses.


We would love to hear from people who have seen our first app and would like to let us know what they felt was good or, heaven forbid, what was bad about it.

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We are on Facebook too. Facebook

Monday, April 25, 2011

New iPhone App

Learn the colors for free with our new iPhone app. Yes, I said "for free". We have dipped our feet into the cut throat business of the smart phone apps. Crazy, yes we know.

Anyway, here is the first app. It will help you learn the colors. You can get it for free here or search for "Fun English" on the appstore.

We were on the iTunes "Whats New and Noteworthy" area. So you can be assured that it is noteworthy. In fact it is much more than noteworthy it's amazing!

Please give us a rating. Any rating over 4 is good. Like 5. Reviews are great too as we will be able to hear what people like, and like even more, so we can make changes for the next apps we make.

I hear that the next one will be about 'numbers'. Who doesn't like numbers!

Get the app now.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Very Big Number.

About one year ago we made the decision to make a youtube channel We added lots of our video content to give to the children, and the adults. We are now at the amazing point where we have had 1 million views of our videos. OK granted it is no Justin Bieber but for us it is a big deal.

One million hits. So who and why I ask myself. People from all over the world have been to our channel. I think it's best for our viewers to explain.

Thanks lots from me in London..I appreciate your work and how it helps us in our educating our kids..

God bless, Shine x

i'm from Brazil i'm learning at home a little time, and i liked this videos. thanks :D

Thank you for your lessons :) Your colorful/friendly images and simple language helped my Greek students who know some English to actually start "speaking" it. And your videos are fun :)

I love your channel! Thank you very much from an English teacher in Russia!

Thanks for that.

So Why?

Excellent channel! These videos are fantastic resources for parents and teachers-- thanks for uploading them!

Hi.Glad you liked our cartoon! I'm loving the Vegetaband!

Hello, What a great way to teach English! Very nice Channel. I love the videos. Much luck to you...keep up the great videos! Take care! MB:)

Hi Pumkin:) I love your account.I am planning to be an english teacher in the middle east inshaAllah. I found you account sooooo informative.

Thanks again.

Almost 80,000 channel views.
over 1,000,000 video views.
620 Subscribers.
We never imagined we would get so much of a response. We are so excited.

There will be new videos added all the time. We are also adding a new area for Karaoke English Learning Songs be sure to pop along and have a sing. It's OK nobody can hear you.

Pumkin YouTube channel

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Potatoes and Pumkins

We are often on the look out for other people who are keen on teaching English to the little ones. We seem to have struck gold here though. We have managed to get an interview with the Potato Pals As we are well aware vegetables and English teaching go very well together so we asked the Pals a few very serious questions.

Q1 – Why potatoes?

Everybody likes potatoes. They’re versatile and very intelligent. Actually, they’re as versatile and intelligent as pumkins. Pumkins are bigger and stronger but one advantage potatoes have is that they can easily fit in ones pocket. They’re more potable.

2 – Do you think vegetables are good for teaching English?
I think vegetables are the best way to learn a language. It’s surprising that more people don’t know this. Without vegetables it is impossible to live a healthy life so there would be no point in learning any language.

3 – Halloween is a dangerous time for us Pumkins, is there a time when the potatoes might get mashed?

Actually, Halloween was originally a Celtic festival. Way before people carved out pumpkins they were carving Spud-O-Lanterns out of potatoes and turnip.

4 – Do you know of any other vegetables that teach English?
I have heard of some teachers using a carrot and stick approach but I’m sure it doesn’t work. Oh, and some of my younger students would occasionally leek. Apart from that? There’s a series from Oxford called Lettuce Go.

5 – With which Potato Pal do you most relate?
I relate to Dean because he is the most handsome and popular. He reads a lot too and I want to be like that. He’s also very helpful at home.

6 – Can you tell us one highlight and one lowlight of the potato world?
The highlight of the Potato world is when Buddy goes to have a haircut and the barber discovers he only has one hair. The lowlight has to be when Dean’s sister drops a tomato on his head at the store.

Q7 – How do you feel about French fries or hash browns?
Although there is a Potato Pals named Chip, I find this question to be most inappropriate and rather hurtful. It shall remain unanswered. Pumpkin head.

8 – Who would win a battle between fruits and vegetables?
There is no doubt in my mind that fruit would run a mile in any confrontation of this sort. Fortunately, though, things have been very peasful.

Q9 – Any advice for our pumkin family?

Lose weight. Apart from that, keep up the good work. We love your channel and hope to appear alongside our friends one day. In actual fact we’re coming to Taiwan in March so there may be a chance for us to meet in real life. That would be really great, especially if the radishes turn up.

Thanks so much to the Potato Pals for answering our questions. You can find them also here...

Potato Pals on Facebook

Potato Pals on YouTube

Potato Pals on Oxford University Press

Potato Pals Serious Interview

I also found this great recipe. Yummm